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Our fees at Racefield Dental Limerick are as low as possible during these tough times and we have great discounts available on many of the dental options we provide. They do not reflect specialists fees for prosthodontic and paediatric treatments where a specific quote will be given by them for extensive treatments. Discounts are advised in our Special Offers section.


Special Offer!!!

For a full upper and lower arch bleach pay only €250 €250.00 Botox  



One Area €150.00 Two Areas           €200..00 Tree Areas            €250.00


Small Bite Wing X-rays   Private €25.00 With PRSI examination FREE Panoramic           €50.00


Routine    €80.00 to €100.00 Surgical Extraction €120.00

Examination, including cancer , periodontal

and T.M.J. screening

Private (with free scale and polish) €35.00 PRSI FREE Medical Card FREE

Scale and Polish

Private (with free scale and polish) €60.00 PRSI €15.00 Deep cleaning under local anaesthetic for periodontal disease (per quadrant) €65.00  


Silver Amalgam Fillinmgs    €60.00 to €95.00 Cosmetic Composite Fillings  €75.00 to €120.00


Cobalt Chrome Denture €950.00 Full Upper and Lower Denture (Acrylic) €800.00 Full Upper or Lower Denture (Acrylic) €450.00 Partial Acrylic  €250.00 to €350.00

Root Canal Treatments(includes filling tooth)

Note 20% tax refund available

Anterior €350.00 Premolar €350.00 to €450.00 Molar €650.00

Crowns / Bridges (20% tax refund available)

Veneers €600.00 to €650.00 Crowns €750.00 to €950.00 Post & Core of Cast Gold €300.00 Bridges (per unit)                                                 €700.00 to €800.00 Implants (Price on examination as large variance depending on number and bone quality)